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Mark Hamill – photos and quotes

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“These movies in some way are all about adolescence, about navigating the waters between childhood and adulthood and finding your place in the world. As a kid in Colorado, I saw this farm kid who feels like he’s a million miles from anywhere but knows he’s on the cusp of stepping into a bigger world, and just instantly responded to it.”Mark Hamill

Source: Ethan Sacks (2017)


Mark Hamill Corvette Summer“So much of life is what you roll and where you land.”Mark Hamill

Photo: Corvette Summer (1978)


Mark Hamill“I’m the host body to which this character has been assigned. And that’s the problem. When I disagree with the direction of the character, I get a little mouthy. Like when the trailer came out and the line is, ‘It’s time for the Jedi to end.’ There’s no way, I don’t care what happened to this guy. Jedi’s do not give up. It’s just inherent in them.” — Mark Hamill 

Source: Ethan Sacks (2017)


Mark Hamill The Last Jedi

“It’s like watching a bunch of kids rifle through your old toy box and play with your toys. But I’m a generous person. I love them all and I think they did a spectacular job. It’s not my Star Wars anymore. The more I remember that, the more fun I have.”Mark Hamill


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