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Priscilla Dean

“I’ve a reputation for temperamental display. Surely, I have an awful temper. But I’ve tried to be a good sport. I don’t ‘show off’ just to make a fuss. When I cut loose it’s because I feel I have a just grievance.”Priscilla Dean 

Source: Myrtle Gebhart (1924)


Priscilla Dean

“You know, back in the early days of the ‘movies’ a picture a week was a regular thing. Today, of course, with the adbancement of the art, a big production might take several years. This, however, is seldom. The average productions, taking no more than several months, eliminates the possibilite of a ‘movie’ star being forgotten. You know, if any one is away from the screen for a couple of years it might mean that he or she will have been forgotten during that period and be faced with a battle to return. But as for playing in several hundred productions at the present rate of making films, that is entirely out of the question. A young star today who hopes to play in a few dozen will find that she is a wrinkled grandmother before she reaches her 24th picture.”Priscilla Dean


The Virgin of Stanboul (1920) with Priscilla Dean. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

The Virgin of Stamboul (1920)


Priscilla Dean (Bizarre Los Angeles)




Art Prints


Art Prints

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