Robert Taylor – photos and quotes

Robert Taylor

“Looks are good or bad, according to taste. My appearance doesn’t fascinate me. But I’m not the one who has to be pleased either. It’s a big help to an actor if people like to look at him but it has nothing to do with acting.”Robert Taylor 

Photographer: George Hurrell


Robert Taylor cello“I’m an actor because I lucked into it. As a kid, I never knew what I wanted to be. About all I had proficiency for was playing the cello, and there are very few rich cello plyers around.”Robert Taylor

Source: Dick Kleiner (1963)


Robert Taylor 1935“I wasn’t disappointed with my screen test for the whole idea of ever accomplishing anything in the films seemed utterly remote. But I stuck to the work with Mr. Rinsdell and began to get very enthusiastic about really acting. An overnight success in pictures never entered my mind. I felt that if I did get anywhere it would come as a result of hard work.”Robert Taylor

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1936)


Robert Taylor 1936“I don’t believe in making plans. It is easier and more pleasant to do the best I can, then let matters take their own course. Possibly I’m superstitious about elaborate schemes but I have a theory that you have a better chance of getting a thing if you don’t allow it to count too much.”Robert Taylor

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1936)

Photo: George Hurrell (1936)


Robert Taylor“Understand, I don’t go around imagining people are bothered enough to dislike me or anything of that sort. But I do feel that any success I might have will never be taked for granted.”Robert Taylor

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1936)

Photo: C.S. Bull (1936)


Robert Taylor Cattle King 1963“I really don’t know what I can do. I’m not sure whether I’m a good actor or not. I’ve never tried a demanding part.”Robert Taylor

Source: Dick Kleiner (1963)

Photo: Cattle King (1963)

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