Rochelle Hudson – photos and quotes

Rochelle Hudson

“It’s not Hollywood that’s to blame — it’s the individual. No one has to be changed unless he’s weak enough to want to be changed. If you’re looking for it you can find the same type of bad influence in New York, or Chicago, or San Francisco, or in any other city in the world. But if it’s found in Hollywood everybody blames it on the picture business which goes down for a count of 10.”Rochelle Hudson in 1935.


Rochelle Hudson

“It’s a little late to become excited over my career. I’m glad to be in the money. Yet I refuse to be dazzled by the prospects of stardom. The glamour’s okay so long as there’s the weekly paycheck.”Rochelle Hudson 

Source: Ben Maddox (1934)


Rochelle Hudson

A tobacco card from the 1930s.


Photography Prints


Missing Daughters 1939Missing Daughters (1939). With Richard Arlen.


Girls Under 21 poster 1940

Girls Under 21 (1940). Starring Bruce Cabot and Paul Kelly.

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