Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon – photos and quotes

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“I’ve stripped…nude scenes have nothing to do with modesty…you’re the only one exposed. Being unclothed is simply having nowhere to hide.”Susan Sarandon

Source: Marian Christie (1978)
Photo: Pretty Baby (1978)


Susan Sarandon swimsuit“My face – I feel I’ve earned it. When I see pictures of myself from when I was younger that face looks blank to me.”Susan Sarandon

Source: Frank Bruni (1994)

Photo: 1980s


Susan Sarandon Dead Man Walking 1995“Hollywood isn’t expected to lead. They follow the polls, like politicians. It’s hard to have the courage of a vision in that business.”Susan Sarandon

Source: 1996

Photo: Dead Man Walking (1995)


Susan Sarandon sexy“I guess sexual attractiveness is just saying yes to life.”Susan Sarandon

Source: 1996


Susan Sarandon Academy Award

“I’m proud that I’m still in the business and happy about it. And that I’ve learned so much from my failures. I still haven’t gotten it right, so I’ll keep doing it for a while. It takes so much to fight the inertia that’s natural to me. Acting keeps me moving and asking questions and seeking, so I’m pleased with that. I’ve had such a varied career. If my life were a charm bracelet, I’d have a lot of different charms on it.” Susan Sarandon

Source: 1996

Photo: Winner of the Best Actress Academy Award for Dead Man Walking (1995).


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