Then and Now: Morosco Photoplay Company

Morosco Film Company

The Morosco Photoplay Company, a small silent film production studio, incorporated in late 1914. It then built its studio at 201 N. Occidental Blvd. Today, the original entrance building is part of Occidental Studios.

Oliver Morosco, who ran the studio in its early years, partnered with Paramount Pictures to bring many East Coast theatrical stars to Los Angeles to star in prestigious films. Some of these early personalities were Fritzi Scheff, Roberta Hickman, Anita King, Elsie Janis, Blanche Ring, Myrtle Stedman, Donald Crisp, and Edna Goodrich.

Because Paramount shot a number of its early photoplays on this lot in the mid 1910s, better known film stars like Dustin Farnum, Constance Talmadge, and Norman Kerry also worked here.

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