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“You see I don’t know much about acting. I’m an entertainer, or that is how I have always thought of myself in the past. So what I do in a film…is to try to react as honestly as I can to what people say to me in each situation.”Ann-Margret

Source: Stephen Franklin (1964)


Ann-Margret Audition 1961“I have been called a female Bobby Darin. I can’t understand this, because I have never seen Bobby Darin work. I move around because — well, I feel like moving around.”Ann-Margret in 1961.

In the photo, she is auditioning for Dick Pierce (far left) of RCA records. Scott Smith is on the piano.

Photographer: Grey Villet/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images.



Ann-Margret Time“I’ve been single-minded about it and I’ve had to strive to achieve it ever since. Thank heavens, my parents understood my desires and my ambitions and never tried to make me into anything else. It was just the opposite; they helped me in every way they could and this wasn’t always easy. My father is an electrician and although we were never poor, we didn’t have much money to spare for all the singing and dancing lessons I took.”Ann-Margret

Source: Stephen Franklin (1964)

Photographer: Grey Villet/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images.



“She makes you wonder whether to give her a stick of gum or a bracelet.” — George Sydney, director of Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas

Photo: Virgil Apger (1964)


Ann-Margret 1964

“I always have genuine emotions. I really feel all the things the character I play feels. I love the experiences I have. I enjoy feeling all these emotions which I haven’t experienced in real life, but it is extremely exhausting this way.”Ann-Margret

Source: Stephen Franklin (1964)

Photo: 1964


“My inhibitions all leave me when I start to sing and dance, but the same thing doesn’t happen when I act. It is a very different thing then. I feel the way I would if it were really happening to me. I don’t know whether this is the way it should be, but it is how it is.”Ann-Margret

Source: Stephen Franklin (1964)

Image: Viva Las Vegas (1964)


Ann-Margret Honda“I love to come to work every day. It is a gas! And if I can go home completely exhausted, I’m happy. Otherwise I’d often be tied up in one great big knot. Speed unwinds me. I don’t drink or smoke, so when I’m nervous or tense I go out on my motorbike and ride around for an hour or two. That relaxes me.”Ann-Margret

Source: Stephen Franklin (1964)


Ann-Margret Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas 1964“We both felt a current, an electicity that went straight through us. It would become a force we couldn’t control.”Ann-Margret

Photo: Viva Las Vegas (1964). With Elvis Presley.


Ann-Margret Viva Las Vegas

“Cities have personalities and Las Vegas could use a psychiatrist.”Ann-Margret

Source: Leo Guild (1965)

Photo: Viva Las Vegas (1964)


Ann-Margret 1965

“The actress’ recordings have sold upwards of 1,000,000 copies. She is paid $75,000 for a film. Her TV appearances (which are sparse now because she has outgrown TV) paid her $5,000 an appearance. She can dance, sing and sparkle.” — Leo Guild in 1965

Photo: 1965


“When I find I can’t live without somebody, I’ll want to marry him. That hasn’t happened yet. He’s got to dominate the household. He’s got to be very strong inside and tell me what to do, because I can’t stand making decisions. And like every woman, I suppose, I want someone who will love me more than anything else in the world.”Ann-Margret

Source: Stephen Franklin (1964)

Photo: Wallace Seawell



“I have so many moods, I would be very hard to live with. I must have a man who completely dominates me. I want to be dependent on him, with no ifs, ands or buts.”Ann-Margret

Source: 1965

Photo: Wallace Seawell


Ann-Margret is a very little girl who closes a bedroom door, looks into a full-length mirror and becomes something great.” — Pierre Cosette, her former co-manager.


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