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Burt Reynolds – photos and quotes

Burt Reynolds

“I didn’t open myself to new writers or risky parts because I wasn’t interested in challenging myself as an actor, I was interested in having a good time. By the time I finally woke up and tried to get it right, nobody would give me a chance.”Burt Reynolds

Source: But Enough About Me


deliverance Burt Reynolds“If I had to put only one of my movies in a time capsule, it would be Deliverance. I don’t know if it’s the best acting I’ve done, but it’s the best movie I’ve ever been in. It proved I could act, not only to the public but me.”Burt Reynolds


Burt Reynolds Catherine Deneuve 1975

“He is very natural and shy, always sees the same people, the same friends. He protects himself from fame. We had a few casual dates, but the press was completely wrong in inferring that we had an affair. He was still going with Dinah Shore at the time, and I think there’s nothing worse than stealing a man away from another woman.” — Catherine Denueve

Source: 1977

Photo: Hustle (1975)


Burt Reynolds THE END

“My career is not like a regular chart. Mine looks like a heart attack. I counsel scores of young actors because they know I’ve stepped in just about every land mine along the way I could.”Burt Reynolds 

Source: 2011

Photo: The End (1978). With Dom Deloise.


Burt Reynolds Cannonball Run“I try to make it clear to a director, before I even start a picture, that I’m not into playing the same scene 30 or 40 times. After the fourth time, I start doing something else, and it’s not comedy. My attention wanders. I lose it. That’s why I’d never work with Hal Ashby, who does scenes 20 times. Of course, that’s also why he’d never want to work with me.”Burt Reynolds

Source: Roger Ebert (1981)

Photo: Cannonball Run (1981)



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