Lolita Lee

Lolita Lee

Lolita Lee, who looks more like Barbara La Marr than the late screen vampire resembled herself, is going to carry on for the girl who was “too beautiful to live.”

The Spanish-French mixture who hails from San Francisco is the girl who made possible the finishing of Barbara‘s last picture, released to the public on the day the star died….

With the unfinished production on their hands, studio officials faced the loss of many thousands of dollars unless the picture was completed. Then Lolita Lee, who for a year had been vainly striving to carve a niche for herself in this picture potpourri, was discovered and engaged to masquerade as Miss La Marr, portraying Barbara‘s unfinished role in the land of make believe, [while] the cinema Cleopatra was in a mountain rest home fighting against the demands of reality.

Though the lives of these two girls were thus strangely entwined, they never met. Barbara died without knowing the girl who made her last wish come true – the wish that her picture be finished.

So true a prototype of the dead actress is Miss Lee, the keenest studio critics are unable to differentiate between her “closeups” and those of Miss La Marr.Iowa City Press-Citizen, Hollywood, Feb. 18, 1926

Lolita Lee appeared in only one other film, following her uncredited doubling for La Marr in The Girl from Montmartre (1926).  She starred opposite George Beban in The Loves of Ricardo that same year.


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