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Van Williams Green Hornet

“I am a gadget freak and I would have loved to have had a real gas gun and sting gun, but they weren’t for real.”Van Williams, television’s Green Hornet.

Did you know that later in 1971, he became a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County, operating out of Malibu? Yep, served 25 years, while also managing a telecommunications business.

In a 1988 interview, he said that he was frequently recognized by people that he arrested: “They usually say things like, ‘What are you doing out here?’ They don’t seem to think it odd that I’m a deputy. I’m surprised by just how many people do recognize me. I’ve gotten pretty good feedback.”

The quotes came from interviews found here:


People Magazine


Van Williams Green Hornet Bruce Lee Kato

“They did a good job on those shows. I think it was one of the reasons it only ran a year; they spent too much money on it. But I was proud of the show and proud of what I did in it. I kind of fought for what I did in it. Because, I was going to play it straight and Bruce was going to play it straight. And we did. I think that’s what people appreciate about it.”Van Williams

Source: Mark Voger (1995)

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