Myrtle Gonzalez

Myrtle Gonzalez

“Engaged? Indeed I am not. Who told you that? I wish people wouldn’t tell such stories. I am too young to be engaged. It’s perfectly ridiculous to think of such a thing.”Myrtle Gonzalez

Source: 1907


Myrtle Gonzalez (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“She has never been athletic in any way – never rode a horse, punched a bag or played tennis; she can’t swim, and never tried to learn. Never golfed and never rowed a boat. In fact, the only real active exercise she has ever taken is dancing, and she has had that continuously since a little child. Dancing and singing — these are the two arts which have been her delight.” — Los Angeles Times in 1907


“Please remember to spell my name with a ‘z’ twice because that is aristocratic Spanish; spell it with an ‘s,’ it is Plebian Mexican.” — Myrtle Gonzalez

Source: May H. O’Connor (1914)



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