Adele Lane

Adele Lane (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Adele Lane, the very popular emotional leading woman, who is featured in Universal releases, was born in New York city and started to carve out her own way in life when, at six years of age, she played in “Edith’s Burglar.” From tha time to this she has gone steadily upwards. “Little Lord Fauntleroy,” “Eva” and other child parts followed until, at the age of fifteen, she made her appearance as leading lady, a position she never relinquished afterwards. A long course of repertoire and stock led to New York again, and she appeared in various plays under Sullivan, Harrison and Woods, Brady and other managers….” — the Ottawa Journal

Source (1916)


Adele Lane“Vaudeville claimed her for many months…For a long time Miss Lane was the Countess Dagmar in the Western “Graustark” Company, and when a wire came from Lubin with a good offer for motion picture work she took it gladly in order to settle down for a while. For nearly two years she was identified with the Lubin Company and then joined Selig, where she remained for more than a year and a half.” — the Ottawa Journal

Source (1916)


Adele LaneAdele Lane is petite, but her work on the screen is very powerful. She is retiring and modest and a terrifically hard worker, and puts her whole being into her presentation.” — the Ottawa Journal

Source (1916)

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