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Yvonne Craig – Photos and quotes

“Guys all say, ‘I had such a crush on you.’ Girls all say, ‘I always waited for Batgirl to come on. You were really an inspiration.'”Yvonne Craig

Source: Boston Herald (2002)


James Coburn Yvonne Craig

“I guess I was partially chosen because of my dancing background, although I had only been able to dance in one movie with James Coburn, ‘In Like Flint’.”Yvonne Craig


Yvonne Craig as Batgirl (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“It’s perfectly gorgeous of course, but it’s awfully hot. It’s made of lycra spandex — you know, the girdle material. Of course, they’d like you to say it’s stretch lame, but actually it’s spandex, only heavier, and it has metallic bits in it. It’s beautiful, really gorgeous, only it’s uncomfortable. There’s a gold bat on the front that we have nicknamed fido.”Yvonne Craig 

Source: Mimi Head (1967)


Yvonne Craig as Batgirl on her troublesome Batcycle (Bizarre Los Angeles)“The Batcycle was very difficult. They had taken off the shock absorbers to put on the bat wings, so whenever I went over a bump, it was like jumping off a table stiff-legged. It would real­ly jar my teeth! Adam [West] had complained that his Batcycle didn’t go fast enough, so they gave me a fast one, so I wouldn’t complain.”Yvonne Craig


“When I played Batgirl on the show, I wasn’t aware that — 30 + years later— I would even be talking about it! I don’t know what to attribute (the show’s) longevity to, other than the fact that I think it looked so different. It was the first time you ever saw on television what you saw if you opened a comic book — but with real people.”Yvonne Craig in 1998.

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20071210153952/yvonnecraig.com/up_close_interviews.php



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