Elizabeth Allan

Elizabeth Allan (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“Being English, I always find out about American women before I launch into a description of my chief hobby, or shall I say my principal diversion? You see, I am entirely mad about your California, because here I can do what I have always wanted to do – spend all my leisure in the open. Perhaps it is a habit, but I should feel my day entirely lost if I didn’t do something in the way of exercise. I have a canter or a walk in the morning as regularly as I do my breakfast – and usually before.”Elizabeth Allan

Source: Grace Wilcox (1934)



Bela Lugosi, Elizabeth Allan, Henry Wadsworth and Carroll Borland in "Mark of the Vampire" (1935). Bizarre Los Angeles

“But above everything else, Bela had one special command for me: ‘Don’t associate with Elizabeth Allan, because she has a bad reputation!'” — Carroll Borland, who played Lugosi‘s daughter in Mark of the Vampire (1935).

Allan, seen huddling with Henry Wadsworth, apparently had a reputation for “fooling around” even though she was married to a London theatrical agent at the time. The studio gossip in 1935 was that she had jumped from one affair with Clark Gable to another with M-G-M’s “fixer” Eddie Mannix, a man with a sleazy reputation.

During the making of the film, Lugosi was very protective of Carroll and she, in turn, idolized him for the rest of her life (and afterlife no doubt).



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