Josephine Dunn (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Josephine Dunn

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“You can tell by the name of me that I’m an Irish Catholic and I’ll add that my parents were very religious people. I went home late that afternoon and looking at mother said: ‘Mother, I’m an actress!’ ‘That’s all right, my poor darling,’ replied my mother, ‘come right to mother.’ She fixed the bed for me and put me there and kept insisting I was running a temperature and was talking in a flighty manner. I finally told her my story and then there were long conversations between father and mother, and father’s relatives. Everyone was against me….Father’s relatives decided I had taken a step in the general direction of Hades and still think so, for all I know.”Josephine Dunn


Josephine Dunn was heroine of a neighborhood thrill yesterday when her pet police dog was hit by an auto. The dog chased up and down the streets, sending children and housewives indoors pell-mell. Miss Dunn finally managed to pursuade two policemen not to shoot her dog, while she cornered him, but the pet was found to have suffered a broken jaw and had to be chloroformed.” — George Shaffer in 1928




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