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Bobby Cannavale – photos and quotes

Bobby Cannavale. Photo by Eric Chakeen for The New York Times

“I always had the same idea, even when I was young. I want to play everything.”Bobby Cannavale


“I never did anything like I did in Boardwalk Empire, and that was a really multidimensional role that was very different for me. You know, for a long time before that, I was just playing nice guys, really sweet, nice, charming guys, then I got cast as this sort of villainous role. So it’s always a compliment when somebody writes something for you. But I’m really conscious about trying to play different things as much as I can. Plus, I have a career in the theater in New York, you know? So, last year, I did two plays back to back, and I did Glengarry and then I did this sort of obscure Clifford Odets play that I always wanted to do, and they were very, very different. So, I’m always trying to do as many different things as I can. I’m pretty smart about… I mean, after Boardwalk Empire, I must’ve gotten 10 offers to play gangsters, so I’m smart enough not to do that, yeah.” Bobby Cannavale

Source: Edward Douglas (2015)

Photo: Boardwalk Empire (2012)







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