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Lew Cody

"The girl is yours when you kiss her - until you meet the next one." -- Lew Cody (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“The girl is yours when you kiss her – until you meet the next one.”Lew Cody

Source: 1920



"The Butterfly Man" (1920) with Lew Cody. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

The Butterfly Man (1920)


Lew Cody wins a soda jerk contest against Ralph Spence in 1928. (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Hollywood, June 5, 1928 (U.P.) – If Lew Cody and Ralph Spence really placed a $1,000 side bet on the outcome then Lew Cody won that sum for being a better soda jerk than Ralph Spence.

The actor and the title writer met at a downtown drug store recently to setlle a sundae mixing dispute, and said to have arisen from the fact that they both served in such a capacity in younger and less profitable days. With each fountain dainty dispensed by the pair went a ticket which was to be marked “good, fair or bad.” Eleven police were necessary to control the customers, mostly feminine, who sought to ballot.

Cody drew 55 “good,” 10 “fair” and one “mediocre” vote. Spence got 27 “good,” four “fair” and one “terrible.”

Like all great battles, the malted milk contest had to have its charge of “dirty work.” Spence claimed Cody manipulated his mustache to draw in the women customers and Cody claimed that Spence bumped his elbow at the egg beater.

Then, too, some of the public thought the affair might have had a publicity angle.


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