Lizabeth Scott

“I study hard, do not dissipate. Between pictures I relax by taking voice and dancing lessons. This acting is a highly competitive business, and I just can’t see frittering away my free time.”Lizabeth Scott

Source: John L. Scott (1950)


Liz Scott in 1946. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Photographer: Bud Fraker (1946)



“The scandal seeking (and gay obsessed) Confidential magazine in 1955 implied Scott was one of Hollywood’s ‘baritone babes.’ Scott sued the magazine for $2.5 million. Writer Samuel Bernstein says Scott‘s suit was dropped on the technicality that since the magazine was based in New York she couldn’t bring suit in California.’ But Scott did not refile in New York.” –– Rich Heldenfels

Source: 2011

Photo: Confidential Magazine (1955)




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