Sandra Shaw

Sandra Shaw (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Rocky Balfe was her name when she came to Hollywood not so long since but whoever heard of Rocky Balfe for a film starette? So it was changed to Sandra Shaw….” — Robert Grandon in 1932

Sandra Shaw and Dolores Del Rio in 1932 (Bizarre Los Angeles)FILM CONTRACTS APPROVED
Screen Star Aunt Accompanies Girl

Los Angeles Times, August 20, 1932 — Miss Sandra Shaw, slender nice of Cedric Gibbons, motion-picture art director, accompanied by her illustrious aunt, Dolores Del Rio, yesterday was ushered into the film world in Superior Judge Wood’s court, where her first contract with R-K-O was approved. 

Just 19 years of age, the young actress, whose real name is Veronica Balfe, took a court letter from her mother authorizing the appointment of Miss Del Rio as guardian and best friend of her daughter in the contract proceedings.

Under the contract, Miss Shaw will begin at the bottom at $50 a week and in time, if the options are taken up, will bank $1000 weekly….

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