Character Actors

Stuart Erwin

Stuart Erwin (Bizarre Los Angeles)
“When I started out as an actor, I knew I couldn’t hop right into leading man roles. I had to specialize. A comedian by nature, I started to be a fast-talking wise-cracker. But I had lots of competition, and saw I had to choose another line. So I picked up the other extreme.” Stuart Erwin in 1936.

By 1930, Erwin had become a much sought after character actor, who specialized in playing dim-witted, oftentimes, bashful supporting characters in scores of films. In real life, he was quite different: smart, well-spoken and a respected professional in his field.

Best-known films: Make Me a Star (1932), The Big Broadcast (1932), International House (1935), Going Hollywood (1933), Palooka (1934), Viva Villa (1934), Pigskin Parade (1936), Our Town (1940), the Bride Came C.O.D. (1941), and others.

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