Tony Curtis – photos and quotes

Tony Curtis

“There’s no such thing as acting on the screen, it’s just projecting oneself.”Tony Curtis


Janet Leigh & Tony Curtis (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Tony and I had wonderful times together; it was an exciting, glamorous period in Hollywood. We had 10 good years together, and a lot of great things happened, most of all, two beautiful children….Early poverty affected Tony and me differently. I believe he didn’t want to be Bernie Schwartz any longer. I remained too much the plebeian Jeanette Helen Morrison, and I was a constant reminder of the beginnings he would have liked to forget.” – Janet Leigh

“I even married Janet for my career. I could see the two of us could get more attention together. We had the paparazzi wherever we went, we were on the cover of all the movie magazines. It wasn’t enough for a man to be cute, he had to be connected to the right woman…What better way to get famous?” – Tony Curtis

Photo: Wallace Seawell (1954)


Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis at the Hotel del Coronado for "Some Like It Hot." Bizarre Los Angeles

“It’s one of the most outstanding movies I’ve made. It was a very complicated role. I played a straight man, I played a comic, I played a woman, I played a saxophone player, I played a millionaire, I played a little bit of Cary Grant as well. When the picture was over, Billy Wilder ran the picture for Cary, and said, ‘Well, how did you like Tony’s impression?’ and Cary said [doing a Cary Grant imitation] ‘I don’t talk like that!’” – Tony Curtis, discussing his work on Some Like It Hot (1959).

Photo: On location at the Hotel del Coronado with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe.


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