Evelyn Greeley

“Accident creates more chances than anything else. My best advice is for the young woman who wants to get on, to keep going to the studios and trying to get a place in mob scenes. If she is fairly good-looking and wears clothes well, she has a good chance to get in the line. Keep at this work until you are acquainted with the demands of the camera and the methods employed by the directors in getting results. The director will be quick to notice that you  are alert. and he will pick you out to do some little bit that distinguishes you from the rest of the ‘mob.’ When the picture is screened the casting director will note your work, and the he will put your name on the list of those he has ‘small parts.’ It is now up to you to either show you can do bigger things or whether or not you will always be retained in the ranks of the thousands who are fated to stand stationary. If you find you are in this class, get out of the business as soon as possible. Don’t hang on. It will wear your heart and soul out.”Evelyn Greeley

Source: 1918

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