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Eva Six (Bizarre Los Angeles)

New Hungarian Star Comnines Assets of Marilyn, Zsa Zsa

Eva Six Is Appearing in ‘Bikini’, Story Of World II, Not Swimwear

by James Bacon (A.P. Movie-T.V. Writer)

Hollywood (AP) – Eva Six is a shapely Hungarian actress who looks like Marilyn Monroe and talks like Zsa Zsa Gabor.

It follows naturally that in her American debut she dons a dark wig and plays a Filipino guerrilla. That’s the way things are done in Hollywood.

Title of the movie is “Bikini.” Miss Six could fill a bikini admirably, but the movie is about World War II atoll, not swimwear.

It was indirectly because of the late Miss Monroe that Eva got into American movies. She had acted in Hungary on screen and stage.

Then came the revolution. A freedom fighter, she escaped on a truck to Austria.

“All I took with me was 20 bottles of vodka,” she recalls. “Our truck was stopped 18 times by Russian soldiers. Each time I handed over a bottle and was waved through. The Russians love vodka better than money.”

A family in San Diego sponsored her entry into this country.

“I was so very happy to be free that I never even thought about acting again. I worked as a waitress, ran my own delicatessen, did all sorts of jobs, and loved them all.

“When I first came here, people would stop me on the street and ask me for my autograph. I would ask them why. The would answer: ‘Aren’t you Marilyn Monroe?’

“I did not know who Marilyn Monroe was. We had never heard of her behind the Iron Curtain.”

Soon after Marilyn‘s death, an agent persuaded her to take up acting again. She wanted to use her right name – Eva Kennedi.

But Producer James Nicholson figured the Hungarian version of the first family’s name would be too much. So he gave her the name Six and put her under contract.

She doesn’t mind the name change.

“Even Kennedi was an assumed name,” she says. “I was born Eva Klein of a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. The Nazis killed my father, so my mother chose the name Kennedi, which is a very aristocratic name in Hungary, and we were never bothered again.”

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