Jessalyn Van Trump

Jessalyn Van Trump (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“Wear your hair and your WALK and not your clothes and your manners, not according to style, but according to you own good sense of fitness, good taste and becomingness. It’s bad enough to affect a style of hair, no matter how unbecoming, just because it is stylish. But when it comes to wearing a ‘patterned’ walk it’s time to think.” — Jessalyn Van Trump

Source: 1913


“Christian Science rites will be read for Jessalyn Van Trump, 44, stage and screen actress, at 2 p.m. today in the Pierce Bros. Chapel. Miss Van Trump had lived here for 35 years. She leaves her mother, Mrs. Mary E. Van Trump, and a sister, Mrs. Clo King. She died Tuesday at her home, 4764 Elmwood Ave.”Los Angeles Times, May 4, 1939.


Silent film star Jessalyn Van Trump's home and death site

Jessalyn Van Trump‘s Los Angeles home (and death site).


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