Katherine Burke – Ziegfeld Girl

“Nature gives every woman a shape in the beginning but neglect of that shape too frequently drives it away. Women and girls become fat and flabby, or thin and puny through neglect. I pay particular attention to my shape and always shall.” — Katherine Burke

Source: publicist in 1926


“The one thing that will preserve the contour of the body is a modern corset. It will train the muscles in the proper direction and, at the same time, afford the wearer a valuable brace for vital organs. I do not mean old, antiquated corset that used to squeeze one, but rather the new, comfortable sort, so universally worn by stylish women now.” — Katherine Burke 

Source: Ziegfeld publicist (1926)

Photographer: Alfred Cheney Johnston. (Doctor Macro)


“Naturally, I do not wear my corset when on the stage – a girl who poses, as I do, wears very little of anything. But when away from the theatre I am never without it. I know that, as long as I use it, I will be shapely. It is the woman who doesn’t wear a corset, who is slouchy, flabby and tired-looking.” — Katherine Burke

Source: Ziegfeld Publicist (1926)

Photographer: Alfred Cheney Johnston. (Doctor Macro)


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