Forgotten Stars

Grace Bradley

Grace Bradley (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I’ve always been an avid reader. I’ve been known to read as many as three books in one day…especially Russian psychology. The Russians have such a capacity for unhappiness. Their books are full of it. So is their music with all its plaintive minors. I studied piano, you know.” — Grace Bradley

Source: Lyle Rooks (1936)


“I didn’t want to come to Hollywood very much. I was scared to death at the thought of leaving New York and everything I know. And I was afraid of pictures. Studio representatives met me in Los Angeles and I was rushed right away from the train to DeMille’s office. DeMille wanted a girl to play an ingenue for a picture he was starting and I was to be considered. Just before I went in I smeared on some extra lipstick in a last-minute effort to fix up a bit and give myself courage. I remember that I had rather bright red polish on my nails. DeMille hates it. How was I to know? He looked me over and growing distaste and presently he said: ‘I’m certain of one thing. You could never look like a sweet young thing.’ And since then, Bradley has been a heavy.” — Grace Bradley

Source: Lyle Rooks (1936)



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