Lillian Lane

Lillian Lane makes frequent trips to Africa on big game hunts. She has quite an enviable reputation as a huntress. When at home, in London, she is an actress. Lillian is just as good on the stage as she is with a big game rifle in her hands, in the country [sic] of Africa. — Los Angeles Evening Post-Record, August 19, 1931.

Photo: 1928


Lillian Lane was a stage actress of the 1920s, who had moderate success playing supporting roles before she moved to Los Angeles to try her luck in motion pictures.

In 1930, while working as one of “Three Little Chorus Girls” on the Chicago stage, she led a strike over being forced to wear a corset on stage. Theatrical producer J.J. Shubert relented so that the show could reopen. But Lane’s stage care suffered following the end of the show.

She didn’t fare well in Hollywood all. Newspapers indicated that she married and divorced twice before giving up on her showbusiness career by the mid-1930s.

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