Charles Clary

Silent film star Charles Clary (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Los Angeles Evening Express, Oct. 24, 1929

When mail intended for Charles Clary finds its way to the home of Charles Clary you might think that everyone would be satisfied.

Yet, that is just what is the trouble.

Charles Clary, of the movies, reported today that he is receiving any quantity of newspapers, clippings, letters, and telephone calls apparently meant for Charles Clary, the coffee salesman in the Pantages case.

And today Clary, of the movies, and his wife got out from under the smother of literature intended for the coffee man to ask if something couldn’t be done about it.

The movie Clarys live at 924 North Curson Avenue. They insist that that is not the address to which the literature should be sent.


Charles Clary (Bizarre Los Angeles)


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