Dustin Farnum

Dustin Farnum – photos and quotes

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“When I first adopted the movies – or they adopted me – I was vigorously denounced by my contemporaries. I still have a number of letters written me several years ago by prominent actors and actresses, calling my ‘abandonment’ of the legitimate ‘disgraceful’ and ‘a prostitution of art’ as well as other disagreeable things. Since […]

Selig Zoo

Selig Jungle-Zoo – 1910s

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In 1909,  film pioneer William Nicholas Selig relocated his motion picture company, the Selig Polyscope Film Company, to Edendale, California, just outside of Los Angeles. By this time, Selig had earned a reputation for making fast-paced action films that featured trained animals. Jungle films soon became his specialty. His small bungalow studio prospered, enabling him to […]

Universal City

Universal City – 1915

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Universal City, off of Lankershim Blvd., officially opened on March 15, 1915. Its inauguration featured bands, speeches, cowboys on horseback, celebrity sightings, food, beverages, and fireworks. The new municipality covered approximately 230 acres and was surrounded by ranch lands.  In fact, Universal City used to be a cluster of barley fields belonging to the Taylor […]