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Albert A. Pilgrim, aka “Willie the Wonder”

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Albert A. Pilgrim

  Albert A. Pilgrim was born with stubs for arms and legs around 1880-81, His birthplace was Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. At the age of ten, his mother briefly booked him in freak shows in his home state. However, his mother’s participation did not last. In 1891, Pilgrim signed with a “freak manager,” who booked him at carnivals, fairs, and “dime museums” across […]

Celebrity Portraits

Natalie Wood – Photos and Quotes

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Natalie Wood 1957

“I don’t date Elvis anymore but I talk to him occasionally. Just say that I have graduated from the rear seat of Elvis’ motorcycle to the deck of Bob Wagner’s yacht.” — Natalie Wood Source: James Bacon (1957) Photographer: Elmer Holloway (1957)   Elvis was so square, we’d go … for hot fudge sundaes. He […]