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James Cagney – Photos and Quotes

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James Cagney

“The thing that makes you also breaks you in this business, if you hammer at it too hard. The career is short enough as it is. It is always good policy to change your pace.” — James Cagney on playing certain types of characters on screen. Source: Martha Kerr (1936)   “Shy. Intelligent. Genteel, Soft. […]

Bizarre Personalities

Albert A. Pilgrim, aka “Willie the Wonder”

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Albert A. Pilgrim

  Albert A. Pilgrim was born with stubs for arms and legs around 1880-81, His birthplace was Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. At the age of ten, his mother briefly booked him in freak shows in his home state. However, his mother’s participation did not last. In 1891, Pilgrim signed with a “freak manager,” who booked him at carnivals, fairs, and “dime museums” across […]