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Lilyan Tashman – photos and quotes

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Lilyan Tashman 1931

“I’m not impressed by anyone who is known as a ‘great person,’ in films or out of them. I might find a stocking salesman more interesting.” — Lilyan Tashman Source: Edward Churchill (1930) Photo: Eugene Robert Richee (1931)   “I’d feel perfectly well dressed if I’d put on somebody else’s clothes in the dark in […]

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Vera Zorina – Photos and Quotes

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Vera Zorina 1939

“I never played anything except sprites, angels and saints. I can’t do the sexy female…” – Vera Zorina Source: 1952 Photo: Madison S. Lacy (1939)           “He was so icky.” — Vera Zorina Source: George Raft: The Man Who Would Be Bogart by Stone Wallace Photo: Follow the Boys (1944). With […]