Props, Wardrobe, Accessories

Welcome to the HAUNTED BY HISTORY Collection. This is the store section where props, wardrobe and accessories purchased for Craig Owens’ book HAUNTED BY HISTORY are sold.

Some items are screen worn or used in the book, while others were purchased for a shoot but never used. A few, very few, items have been actually handled by a ghost while on location. I will list those items in bold letters when they come up for sale for those interested in adding one-of-a-kind items to your own haunted artifact collection.

Please check back regularly for new, exciting offerings. Also check out our HAUNTED BY HISTORY store on Etsy!

ALL sales support Bizarre Los Angeles and HAUNTED BY HISTORY’s research, which is to provide helpful and honest evaluations of haunted historic properties … and to help promote these venues by staging photo shoots designed to bring the past back to life in a way that benefits everyone.

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