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  • Cloche Couture

    Haunted by History Collection: Cloche Couture – 1920’s Flapper Cloche

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  • Green and White Polka Dot Bow Tie

    Haunted by History Collection: Green and White Polka Dot Bow Tie

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  • Copper and Brass Coffee Pot

    HAUNTED BY HISTORY COLLECTION: Tall, Hammered Copper and Brass Coffee Pot

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  • Polka Dot Head Scarf

    Haunted by History Collection: White Black Polka Dot Head Scarf Belt Sash Hat Wrap

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  • Women's Black Gothic Steampunk Military Jacket

    HAUNTED BY HISTORY COLLECTION: Women’s Black Gothic Steampunk Military Cotton Coat

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  • 20s Style Black Velvet Lace Party Dress

    Ladies 20s Style Black Velvet Lace Party Dress with Rhinestones

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  • A hand crafted imitation (product from Mexico and is not Native American made) Medicine Man/ Shaman head piece. This head piece has natural horns (dyed black), rabbit skin and raccoon tails! The head piece is adorned with hand selected white imitation eagle feathers with black tips. This medicine man head piece was used in a HAUNTED BY HISTORY photo shoot and is perfect for costumes, parades or collectors.

    Medicine Man/ Shaman head piece

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  • Pink Vamp / Belly Dancer One Piece Robe / Outfit

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  • Polaroid Instant One Step Camera – Factory Sealed – mid-1990s

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  • Scala Floppy hat

    Scala Gothic Edwardian Style Beach Hat

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  • Jewelry Trinket Box

    Small German Metal Jewelry / Trinket Box

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  • Steampunk pistol and holster

    Steampunk Gothic Pistol & Holster Victorian Pirate

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