Haunted by History Framed Prints

Presenting a selection of Haunted by History Framed Prints. Each one depicts a haunted room at a historic hotel in Southern California.

As photographer Craig Owens explains:

“Each photo accomplishes a few things:

1. Tells a visual story.

2. Turns the location into a character. During the Great Recession, we lost a number of historic, haunted hotels to bankruptcy. Some hotels were even torn down. I wanted to find a way to introduce these places to a new generation and possibly change people’s views on so-called ‘haunted places.’ Each location has a distinct personality and vibe. It’s not all about horror and trying to be scary.

3. Invokes the history of each location. If the ghost story is visual, we recreated it in the location. This experiment is called ‘The Theory of Familiarization.’ Basically, it can be explained as follows: if  a location has an intelligent energy (or ghost) lingering around, we could confuse it into coming forward and revealing itself by recreating a style or atmosphere that it recognizes.

“Overall, the photo shoots worked amazingly well.  By the end of our three-four day shoots, we usually had our answers as to whether the haunted tales are true or not. And if a location didn’t live up to its haunted reputation, we at least took fun photos.”

These images appear in Owens’ award winning book: Haunted by History Vol.: Separating the Facts and Legends of Eight Historic Hotel and Inns in Southern California (also available on this website.)

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