This .pdf e-book about the Hotel del Coronado is an entire chapter taken (and slightly modified) from a much larger volume entitled Haunted by History Vol. 1: Separating the Facts and Myths of Eight Historic Hotels in Southern California.

In the master print book, each historic hotel has its own chapter. The first section of each chapter provides a detailed history of the location. This includes the circumstances that led to the hotel’s creation, as well as the economic ups and downs each hotel experienced as it changed ownership over the years. The second chapter section provides answers as to how and when the hotel’s ghost stories first appeared in the media and how these stories evolved over time. The third chapter section discusses how my crew and I tested the paranormal claims of each location to see if there was any merit to the ghost stories. We did this by staging elaborate photo shoots in the haunted rooms, hallways and lobbies. We then monitored each area for odd sounds and other peculiar happenings throughout our stay.

Researching the Hotel del Coronado involved months of sifting through newspaper archives and fact-checking previously written histories. Because of this, I was able to find historical incidents that had never been adequately discussed before. The Del’s paranormal stories also presented its share of unexpected surprises as well, especially the circumstances surrounding Kate Morgan’s death in 1892 and how her ghost was brought back to life (so to speak) in the 1980s. But what surprised me the most was the number of deaths at the Del between 1890 and 1984, which are discussed in the following pages.

I hope you enjoy this e-book version of the Hotel del Coronado chapter. If so, I invite you to check out the other hotels appearing in Haunted by History, Vol. 1. These include the Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast, Julian Gold Rush Hotel, Mission Inn, Alexandria Hotel, Banning House Lodge, Pierpont Inn and Glen Tavern Inn.

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