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As the title implies, this “Spooky Night” was taken by Craig Owens on a spooky night at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, CA. Do you love photos that tell a story? Especially a ghost story? This classic image actually has one attached to it.

About the Photo:

Owens snapped this photo late at night at the historic Glen Tavern Inn, located in Santa Paula, California. The Glen Tavern Inn is a small boutique hotel that opened in 1911 and continues to be a showpiece for Arts and Crafts charm today. It also happens to be one of Southern California’s most active hotels, having appeared on numerous paranormal television shows. Although much of the history and haunted claims are inaccurate, the Inn definitely lives up to its haunted reputation.

While setting up the photo, Owens and his team witnessed the room’s doorknob turn just as the door opened and closed by itself. No cross breeze or open windows. No explanation.

You can read about what happened before and after in his book HAUNTED BY HISTORY VOL. 1: SEPARATING THE FACTS AND LEGENDS OF EIGHT HISTORIC HOTELS AND INNS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. It is the ONLY book on its history and ghost stories that the hotel endorses. Why? Because it tells the truth.

Why did author/photographer/historian Craig Owens stage elaborate photos in haunted hotels? Simple. He feels that renting an entire location for three-four days to conduct a multi day photo shoot/paranormal investigation is the best way to test haunted claims. The Glen Tavern Inn’s ghosts certainly proved that.

All the info is in the book…plus a lot of debunking of tall tales and urban legends made up about the Glen Tavern.

As for the “Spooky Night” Photo Poster, its beauty and humor stands out on its own. It will make a wonderful gift for your ghost loving friends or yourself.

This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it’ll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

  • 10 mil thick
  • Slightly glossy
  • Fingerprint resistant

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