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“Photographer Owens distinguishes fact from fiction in this stimulating, heavily illustrated account of the supposed hauntings of eight historic Southern California hotels. Pulling together historical photographs and original documents as well as firsthand accounts, the author attempts to verify the ghost stories associated with each inn, dissecting their origins (often in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) and recreating the ghostly encounters in glamorously staged vignette photos….Owens’s gorgeous photo stagings recreate the romantic and heady days of each lodging while adding dashes of visual humor, subtle sensuality, and haunting atmosphere. Lavishly illustrated and handsomely produced, the book’s entertaining and informative narrative dwells on the documented facts while dispelling most of the colorful myths. Photos.” — Publishers Weekly (Star Review)
“The story-enhancing snapshots include portraits of important players, as well as early pictures depicting construction, but look also for stylish modern-day re-creations that pay homage to the locations’ glamorous but goosepimply yarns.” — NBC Los Angeles
“You don’t want to miss this one. It is an excellent account of history and all that entails for the Glen Tavern Inn/Santa Paula and all the other historical inns and hotels in Southern California.” — Glen Tavern Inn
“I am someone who surrounds myself with history. From collecting, researching, filming to writing, I take historical research very seriously. Especially when it comes to the claims of ghosts. My friend Craig Owens (Bizarre Los Angeles) has put together one of the most beautiful works on the subject I have ever seen. I highly recommend picking up a copy of his book Haunted By History. It should be in the library of every paranormal/history buff.” — Brandon AlvisA&E’s Ghost Hunters
“This is one of the most fascinating books I own. Researched to within an inch of its life – the goosebumps will rise because the stories are true. The new photos in old places are created with inspiration and outstanding talent. Be warned – you might sleep with the lights on for weeks! Enjoy!” — James Radford, author of Adventures on the Queen Mary
“Not simply satisfied with the pre-existing (often over-embellished or outright made-up) stories about these haunted places, Craig deep-dives into their respective histories seeking to verify, correct, or outright ghostbust some of the established stories while also uncovering a few of his own. But that’s only half of what makes this book so novel (pun intended)! Actually staging and photographing historical scenes in the hotels themselves brings the stories to life in a way that few (if any to my knowledge) have.” — John Cason, co-host of Ghosting Around Podcast
“A must have coffee table centerpiece for lovers of history and all things haunted! This is not your average ‘haunted’ history book. This is one of the most well researched, in depth books on eight of Southern California’s famous and historic hotels and inns. Yes, at the end of each chapter he has a follow up chapter on documented hauntings of each location, but how the author encapsulates both the facts surrounding the history first, and then follows up with the stories or urban legends of each place next, is simply magnificent.” — J’aime Rubioauthor of If These Walls Could Talk: More Preston Castle History
“Perhaps one should not read the book alone at night, but the subject matter and illustrations are certainly entertaining.” — San Fernando Valley Historical Society
“A rich, beautifully illustrated book that separates the fact from the fiction about Southern California’s haunted hotels. Filled with photos, this massive volume is amazing and Craig Owens has created something really special with it.” — Troy Taylor, paranormal author, publisher, and lecturer
“This is an incredible volume of paranormal and art! What you essentially have here is a combination of a photo art book and true paranormal history stories. Craig has gone through extensive deep dive research into the haunted history of each of his locations. Then, he hosts an array of gorgeously rendered original photos from his own creative photo shoots taken at the exact location….It all makes for very addictive reading…This is a big huge volume of tremendous effort and great work. I will treasure my copy for years to go and it will hold a permanent place on my coffee table.” — Mark A. Marquez
“A wondrous combination of historical gatherings and artistic recreations…a must for all lovers of vintage and history and hauntings.” — Paper Moon Vintage 
“Unlike anything out there.” — Dale GarciaOld Town Temecula Candlelight Walking Tours
“Drop Dead Gorgeous Photography.” — Half Hour Intern Podcast
“The author really takes you back in time by revisiting each locations intriguing history, sharing historic photos and combining his photo shoots re-creating scenes that correlate with many of the stories shared in each chapter. An added plus are the extensive footnotes that are provided for reference. A truly amazing book.” — Paul Griffith, Ghost Study Los Angeles
“If you like the paranormal, photography, amazing places or love all things historic, I highly recommend this book!! The author Craig Owens has vastly researched each place and prides himself on only facts so you know the haunted historic details are 100% true. Also if you love photography you will appreciate the detail that went into the shoots he did at all of these haunted locations. Very beautiful! Everything from the clothes, makeup, models and accents makes you believe you’re looking at a historic photograph from and old time period. I’m in awe at the detail that went into each photograph. While falling in love with each picture you will be captivated by each story of each location. This book made me want to go to every single place.” — Amazon reviewer
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