Somewhere in Los Angeles – Photos (1910-1960)

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female mail carrier

Somewhere in Los Angeles: Random photos taken of people in the city from the 1910s to the late 1950s. Above photo: This female mail carrier must have broken a lot of hearts along her postal route. She’s beautiful! Photo taken in the 1920s.   Two musicians, circa 1910.   Four ladies showing off their badges […]


Los Angeles – Eastlake Park photos (1900-1911)

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Eastlake Park 1908

In 1881, the City of Los Angeles created a local attraction called East Los Angeles Park. In 1901, it became Eastlake Park before the name changed a third time to Lincoln Park in 1917.  The park’s address is 3501 Valley Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.   The lake’s stepping stones, c. 1904.   The Eastlake Park railway, circa 1905.     […]