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Long Beach photos

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Long Beach

This turn of the 20th Century postcard is confusing because it claims that Long Beach, California, had the longest beach on the Pacific Coast. However, Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State is considered the longest beach in the United States (some say the world, though this claim is disputed). If that isn’t confusing enough, several […]

Silent Film Stars

Anna Q Nilsson – photos and quotes

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Anna Q Nilsson

“Living – living fully and richly – is more important than anything else in life. In Europe, people know how. Even little shopkeepers take two holidays a year–just close up shop and go with their families to the mountains and seashore. In this country, people work continually until they can work no longer. Then they […]


Los Angelenos – 1920s

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4 women 1924 Los Angeles

Photos of Los Angelenos taken in the 1920s. Above photo: A family portrait in Los Angeles, circa 1924.   Office workers in Glendale, CA, c. 1922.   Two women reading on the porch on July 4, 1923.   Swinging near Eagle Rock, c. 1923.   This family portrait was supposedly taken in Los Angeles in […]