James Whale

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"A director must be pretty bad if he can't get a thrill out of war, murder, robbery." -- James Whale (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“A director must be pretty bad if he can’t get a thrill out of war, murder, robbery.” — James Whale   “He influenced every director that came after him in the genre, and his films aren’t relics…That’s quite an achievement.” — biographer James Curtis With director Boris Karloff.   The Bride of Frankenstein (1935). With […]

Silent Film Stars

Fred Ko’Vert – Tragic Hollywood Drag Queen

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Fred Ko Vert

Frederick Ko’Vert (also spelled Frederic Ko Vert and Kovert) (1901-1949) was a female impersonator, male dancer/instructor, costume designer and silent movie player. In 1921, he got his big break after he wowed Fox Studio producers with his peacock costume and accompanying dance. He was then hired to cast, train and choreograph 36 dancers for the […]

Celebrity Portraits

William Haines – photos and quotes

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William Haines

“It was the night of the Titanic all over again, with women grabbing the wrong children and Louis B. Mayer singing ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’” — William Haines talking about the arrival of talking pictures.   If you don’t recognize the Ambassador Hotel offhand, it is the French room redecorated to resemble a Parisian […]

Silent Film Stars

Edwin August – photos and quotes

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Edwin August

“When we talk of commercialism, most of us think of the sort of photoplays that people are enthusiastic about, and it means to most of us that we are going to forget all about art.” — Edwin August in 1915     “There are no friends like the old friends after all. I honestly believe that […]