McKinley visit 1901 Main Street

Los Angeles – Southern California photos – 1900 – 1909

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Above photo: Main Street, looking north from around 6th Street. Photo was taken on May 8, 1901, the day U.S. President William McKinley visited Los Angeles.   The Los Angeles High School football team, circa 1899-1900. According to the Los Angeles Times, the high school occasionally played colleges and universities to fill its season. For instance, […]

Sheriff to Destroy Gambling Gear – 1955

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Newsflash from the Past: Sheriff to Destroy Gambling Gear Los Angeles Times, November 10, 1955 — The Sheriff’s Department today plans to destroy some thousands of dollars’ worth of gambling equipment confiscated in raids during the last two years. Sheriff [Eugene W.] Biscailuz will supervise the destruction of the paraphernalia. It consists of pinball, marble […]

Evade Ten Cars of Police, Then Caught by One – 1929

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 1929 –(UP)—After successfully escaping capture by 10 police cars that were searching for them, three men, accused of robbery and automobile theft were arrested early this morning by a lone patrolman who happened to notice the license number on their car. The men, Lewis Kruger, 24, Frank Forbes, 24, and Herman […]