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Chorus Girls of Old Hollywood

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Chorus Girls from "Hollywood Revuew of 1929" (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Chorus Girls from the Hollywood Revue of 1929.   Old Hollywood Collection: “The Broadway Melody” Framed photo paper poster Old Hollywood Collection: Chorus Girls The Broadway Melody (1929) Coffee / Tea Mug     Chorus girl from The Dance of Life (1929)   Peggy Larson in Paris (1929)   Show of Shows (1929) Old Hollywood […]

Silent Film Stars

Corinne Griffith – Photos and Quotes

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Corinne Griffith

“I personally dislike photographs showing an undue expanse of legs. Consequently I will not have such pictures taken for publicity purposes. When I am working in a picture, that is different. Personal likes or dislikes have no place there. If we are to interpret characters correctly we must put ourselves into the flesh and blood […]