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Alla Nazimova – photos & quotes

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Alla Nazimova

“It is not so difficult, your language. But your slang is impossible. Never can I understand the American humor.” – Alla Nazimova “The history of the stage, within a very few years, will be written, not by erudite mechanician. Instead of reading in books the impressions of some perhaps prejudiced or overly enthusiastic critic, the […]

Silent Film Stars

Carmel Myers – photos and quotes

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Carmel Myers

“I started out playing bad ladies, they called them vamps in those days.” — Carmel Myers Source: Kevin Thomas (1975)       “Why, Mr. Goldfish, if my career depends on hiding the fact that I was born a Jew, I’d rather not have one.” — Carmel Myers‘ response to Samuel Goldwyn (real name Goldfish) […]

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James Cagney – Photos and Quotes

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James Cagney

“The thing that makes you also breaks you in this business, if you hammer at it too hard. The career is short enough as it is. It is always good policy to change your pace.” — James Cagney on playing certain types of characters on screen. Source: Martha Kerr (1936)   “Shy. Intelligent. Genteel, Soft. […]