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Olga Petrova – photos and quotes

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Olga Petrova

“You have never seen a film in which I took part. Fate willing, you never will.” – Olga Petrova   “There is little to be learned from a happy, romantic life.” — Olga Petrova   “The tragedy is ever greater than the comedy. Would you trade Hamlet for Falstaff, Macbeth for the Dromios, Jean Valjean for […]

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Natacha Rambova – Photos and Quotes

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Natacha Rambova

    “The movie fans will learn that success – permanent success – isn’t a question of luck and a good-looking face. People laugh when you talk about ideals in this business. They think you are crazy. They say the public doesn’t want good pictures. How do they know? Have they ever tried making them?” […]