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Alla Nazimova – photos & quotes

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Alla Nazimova

“It is not so difficult, your language. But your slang is impossible. Never can I understand the American humor.” – Alla Nazimova “The history of the stage, within a very few years, will be written, not by erudite mechanician. Instead of reading in books the impressions of some perhaps prejudiced or overly enthusiastic critic, the […]

Forgotten Stars

Anna Sten – photos and quotes

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Anna Sten

“Darlling [sic], sweetheart. I lof you.”  These were Russian born actress Anna Sten’s first English words once she arrived in Hollywood in 1932. Her interpreter explained that Sten (real name Anel Sudakevich) felt that the sentence would come in handy once she started work. Sten’s failure to command the English language or gain an American following became an embarrassment for producer Sam […]