Maria Alba (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Maria Alba

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“‘Mata’ in my language means ‘to kill.’ If someone should mispronounce, it would be veree bad luck.” – Maria Alba (real name: Maria Casajuana), expressing her unhappiness with Fox Studio’s attempt to rename her “Marta.” She was a stenographer from Barcelona who was signed by Fox in 1927 after winning a beauty contest. However, Fox had problems […]

Rosita Moreno (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Rosita Moreno

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“In Spain, the people are a little more serious about their theater, but in South America, it is so wonderful. Everybody there laughs and has a good time. When they like you they are marvelous. They have a custom there to throw flowers at their favorites until the stage is so covered that boys have […]

Diana Lorys (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Diana Lorys

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DIANA LORYS  (1940-) Diana Lorys was born Ana María Cazorla Vega on October 20, 1940, in Madrid, Spain. She obviously patterned herself after Gina Lollobrigida because she adopted Lollobrigida‘s modeling name “Diana Loris” when she embarked on her own modeling career in the early 1960s. Her beauty led to supporting film roles in Salto Mortal […]