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Betty Compson – photos and quotes

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Betty Compson (1897-1974) began as a low income stock player for comedy producer Al Christie in the mid-1910s. She eventually left Christie to work in cheaply made movie chapter serials. As a young ingénue, Compson was very pretty and ambitious. When not working, she networked by appearing at all of the right places in downtown Los Angeles. At a […]

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Lenore Ulric – photo & quotes

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Lenore Ulric 1919

“I’m all right when I’m acting. It’s the stills that worry me. My cameraman said, ‘Miss Ulric, you’re fine when you’re moving. But the minute I try to take a still of you, you get that set look.’ He’s right. I smile naturally for a second, and then it’s forced. In the sad scenes I […]