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Haunted by History Vol. 1

Bizarre Los Angeles’ first book title, Haunted by History Vol. 1, is now available for purchase. Click for more details!

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When we say Craig Owens is the epitome of what we envisioned 13 Days Of Strange to be, we mean it. A renowned historian, paranormal investigator, photographer, author, and chili con queso lover? If you ask us, there’s no one better to kick off the series…

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Dorothy Phillips in 1919. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Dorothy Phillips

“The training that the speaking stage affords is of untold value to the screen player. The audible stage is a splendid academy in which one may perfect his or her dramatic art. Drama is essentially the same, whether on the speaking stage or the screen. A good actor of the stage is always a better […]

Silent film star Charles Clary (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Charles Clary

CLARY MAIL GOES TO WRONG CLARY FAMILY Los Angeles Evening Express, Oct. 24, 1929 When mail intended for Charles Clary finds its way to the home of Charles Clary you might think that everyone would be satisfied. Yet, that is just what is the trouble. Charles Clary, of the movies, reported today that he is […]

Ormer Locklear (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Ormer Locklear

Barnstormer and film actor Ormer Locklear attended a ball with his girlfriend, Viola Dana, at the Alexandria Hotel on Lincoln’s Birthday (February 12)1920. The event was thrown by film actor Wallace Reid. Locklear would die later that year in a plane crash while performing a stunt for the film “The Skywayman.”

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