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Haunted by History Vol. 1

Bizarre Los Angeles’ first book title, Haunted by History Vol. 1, is now available for purchase. Click for more details!

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"Photographer Owens distinguishes fact from fiction in this stimulating, heavily illustrated account of the supposed hauntings of eight historic Southern California hotels....Gorgeous photo stagings recreate the romantic and heady days of each lodging while adding dashes of visual humor, subtle sensuality, and haunting atmosphere. Lavishly illustrated and handsomely produced, the book’s entertaining and informative narrative dwells on the documented facts while dispelling most of the colorful myths."  -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY STARRED REVIEW
Haunted by History Vol. 1 is now available on Amazon.com,  The Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum in Burbank, Book Soup and Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Los Angeles, Mystery Ink Bookstore in Huntington Beach, Cellar Door Books in Riverside, the Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth, the Julian Gold Rush Hotel in Julian and the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula.



Haunted by History Vol. 1  dissects the history of eight Southern California haunted hotels and inns to determine the legitimacy of each hotel’s ghost legends. Craig also tests each of the hotel’s paranormal claims by staging beautiful photographs inside its most haunted areas. Did he and his crew experience paranormal activity during his photo shoots? Are there any forgotten stories or unusual deaths that might have triggered these ghost legends?

Haunted by History is more than just a history book...or even a paranormal book! It is a visual and cerebral adventure that explores the known and unknown! It is also a perfect resource guide for your next paranormal adventure in Southern California!

Hotels and inns featured in Vol. 1 are the Hotel del Coronado, the Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast, the Julian Gold Rush Hotel, the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, the Alexandria Hotel, the Wyndham Garden Pierpont Inn, the Banning House Lodge, and the Glen Tavern Inn.




Haunted by History Vol. 1 by Craig Owens.

Haunted Los Angeles: separating the facts and fables of some of Los Angeles County's historic haunts. Narrated by Craig Owens, moderator of Bizarre Los Angeles and the author of Haunted by History Vol. 1.

* Buster Keaton's haunted mansion on Pamela Drive.
* The Cecil Hotel
* The Colonial Apartments: Bette Davis' last home
* The forgotten history of the Aztec Hotel
* The truth behind the Hollywood Knickerbocker
...and many more!!!

August 17: 8:00 p.m. to 11: 00 p.m.
Presentation starts at 9:00 p.m.
Duration: Approx. One hour.
Raffle prizes!
The grand prize includes the chance to ghost hunt at Diehl Marcus & Co.

Price $10. Reservations required. Only 30 spots available.

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Haunted by History presents: "Return of the Historic (Haunted) Harris House"

Craig Owens, author of Haunted by History Vol. 1, will once again lead paranormal investigations at the Historic Harris House on September 6 and 7 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

$75/person. Those who purchase a $75 ticket will receive a copy of his book, HAUNTED BY HISTORY: SEPARATING THE FACTS AND LEGENDS OF EIGHT HISTORIC HOTELS AND INNS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (valued at $50) as part of their admission.

The Historic Harris House is a two-story Victorian Transitional home dating back to 1902. Four of its five owners were widows. Today, the structure is a private residence and frequent filming location.

Last March, Owens (one of the most respected researchers in Southern California) held the first ever paranormal tour of the Harris House after he completed historic research on the property. Some of the attendees at that event recorded EVPs while others claimed to have seen a smoky blue mist.

Now is your chance to see the inside of this historic house, learn a few effective ghost hunting techniques and investigate the house for yourself. Ghost hunting equipment will be provided.

Space is limited.

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. No tickets will be sold at the event.

21 and over.

A portion of the proceeds will go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the Harris House.

Click here to reserve your space!


Craig Owens Haunted by History Black Box Bizarre Los Angeles

Catch Black Box's new interview with Craig Owens of Haunted By History and BizarreLA out today. Author, photographer, historian and paranormal investigator Craig Owens joins us to explain his thoughts on the nature of ghosts while also retelling little known histories of landmark places and moments in Southern California. We focus on what he believes to be one of the most haunted places in LA the Alexandria Hotel in downtown.



Check out my latest interview for Voyagela.com.


Last night I was a guest on KCOR Radio's "Exploring the Bizarre" hosted by Timothy Beckley and Tim Swartz. You can listed to the rebroadcast by clicking below...







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