Photographic Services

Haunted by History Craig Owens Alexandria Hotel
The Alexandria Hotel

Craig Owens of Bizarre Los Angeles now offers special photo packages for conceptual, Old Hollywood style portraiture. The shooting location can either take place in a historic (and haunted) venue, your home, business, or a customized studio space.

Prices depend on the scope of the concept.

A portrait sitting costs $150.00 per shoot for those who buy Haunted by History Vol. 1. ( not including possible location fees, wardrobe or hair/makeup). The cost is $200 for those who do not want to buy the book but want to have stylized photos (not including possible location fees, wardrobe or hair/makeup).

It is advisable that you provide your own wardrobe. Hair and makeup will cost extra if we decide to call in a professional. But if you can do it yourself or have a friend that will do it for you, terrific!  Location fees are often negotiable but if you want your photos to be take at an exotic or expensive locale, you will need to pay for the location.

I don't typically shoot weddings, but if I agree to shoot yours, the fees can be negotiated depending on your budget. Just know that I do not like to shoot the traditional, warm and fuzzy style of wedding photos. A bare minimum price for my shooting a small wedding with no extras is $600 plus travel and room.  Fee also includes wedding rehearsal and reception.

Businesses can benefit from eye-catching photos that not only captures the customer's imagination, but tells a story. And it is no secret that my photos and marketing skills have brought additional business and increased public interest to a number of haunted, Southern California Hotels. If you are interested in hosting a shoot for your own business, contact me. I have a deep well of creative ideas and concepts as well as a talent pool of very professional actors and models, MUA, wardrobe stylists, etc. ready to assist your needs.  Prices vary according to vision, scope, and time allowed to create a look that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Bizarre Los Angeles' photographic mission is simple: keep costs down, make all photos uniquely stylish and timeless, work within your budget, and to make you and/or your business shine like a star.

A non-refundable deposit is required before any photo shoot takes place.

Please contact Craig by email or call 626-241-4906 if you have any questions or want to discuss how Bizarre Los Angeles can accommodate your photographic needs.


For a contemporary headshots, pay attention to what different characters wear on the television shows, movies, and commercials. Emulate that look. Pay attention to necklines and avoid cheap, ill-fitting clothing.

Please bring no more than three basic pants or skirts and/or three -to- five shirts. Clothing should be without wrinkles and stains. Dress or business attire should be dry-cleaned before the shoot. Jewelry should be minimal.

Modeling/Print Shoots
 Modeling portfolios are usually full-body shots so if you are considering this type of portfolio, you will need to fully accessorize. Typical looks fall under the following categories:
  • Casual/Lifestyle
  • Dressy
  • Fitness/Swimsuit/Body
  • Corporate/Business Casual
  • Personality

Professional makeup and hair styling is extremely important. 


Bookings require a $100 non-refundable deposit paid by credit card or cash. Your remaining balance is due at the time of your photography session. No checks, installment plans, or IOUs.  Payments are non-refundable.


All images will be uploaded to an online gallery within 5-10 business days. You can email them to family, friends, and professionals. Prints can also be ordered online.

Additional retouching (after we have already professionally retouched them) may be purchased after the shoot. If any suggested changes are minor, however, we will not charge. Turnaround time is generally 5-7 business days depending on the work. By sending Bizarre Los Angeles your files for retouching you are giving Bizarre Los Angeles permission to use its artistic discretion. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed and there are no refunds once the work has been performed.

A USB of your high resolution images may be purchased for $45. The online gallery is at no charge.

Mystic Museum Bearded Lady 2017
The Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum's "Hereafter Haunts" exhibit, December 2017. Photo by Craig Owens


To see more examples of my work or to purchase Fine Art prints, visit my store at Fine Art America!